A New Mayor | A New Approach To Our City Government

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No campaign can be successful without the help of a lot of volunteers, and as we get closer to Election Day, would you be willing to display a sign in your yard, or write a letter to the editor telling others why you support my candidacy? Would you be willing to go door-to-door on your street, or even making phone calls? I would be honored to have you on our team!

If you have any questions for me, I can be reached at 419-281-9468.



A New Mayor | A New Approach To Our City Government


You need a Mayor who understands that the taxpayers — the people who pay the city’s bills — matter most. It’s your city and your money. As your Mayor, I will listen to you. I will return your calls & take responsibility for our city’s future.


I will be transparent & honest with you, the people of our city. I will be a Mayor who will openly share city business with city residents. We need a Mayor who is forward- thinking & willing to make the tough changes necessary to ensure we have a bright future. I will do just that.


I will work with everyone — our county government, townships, schools, businesses, labor unions and non-profits, to move our community forward. When one succeeds, we all benefit. As a County Commissioner, I worked with others in local government to keep Ashland jobs in Ashland.


You need a Mayor who will make you proud of your city — someone who has earned the respect of those with whom he has worked in both the public and private sectors. I have a proven track record of running multiple organizations having annual budgets of more than $50 million and more than 300 employees.


My first priority as your Mayor is to bring higher paying jobs to our city. This is essential for a prosperous future. I will be a Mayor who will help our existing businesses thrive, and I will work overtime to attract new businesses that pay a livable wage.


If we want to continue to be an attractive community, then we must be a safe community. I will continue to support our local law enforcement & first responders as they work tirelessly to keep us safe. They have our backs; as Mayor, I’ll have theirs.


I will lead the charge to develop a plan for our city’s future. We must develop an ongoing maintenance plan for our city streets & infrastructure, and we must also have a plan to ensure that we can fully staff our police & fire departments well into the future. We need a vision for our downtown, East Main Street & Claremont Avenue to make them even more appealing to outside developers.


We need a Mayor who will clean up our city and pay attention to the details. Vacant, abandoned houses and commercial buildings hurt our property values and make our neighborhoods unsafe.


I am committed to reducing drug abuse in our community. We all have a role when it comes to keeping our families strong and helping those who are caught up in dangerous addictions. I understand that prevention is truly our best weapon in this war. It’s easy to point fingers, but it’s time to start addressing the problems and saving lives.


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